Faster Checking, Greater Accuracy

PerfectIt helps you to locate typos and errors in Microsoft Word documents. It finds mistakes that no spelling or grammar check will discover, which makes proofreading faster and helps you to impress even the toughest client.

Make the Best Impression

PerfectIt is especially useful where more than one person is working on a document. From lawyers and consultants to editors and publications officers, our customers use PerfectIt to save time and deliver error-free documents. PerfectIt checks for:

  • Consistent hyphenation and capitalization
  • Abbreviation definitions
  • Capitalization of headings
  • List / bullet capitalization and punctuation
  • International spelling variations

PerfectIt can also generate a Table of Abbreviations, find comments accidentally left in documents and, in the Pro Edition, check figure and table labels.

Power for Professionals

PerfectIt is completely customizable. You can use it to check a variety of style guides (downloadable for free from our user forum), or you can adapt it to your own house style. You can store different styles for different clients and you can share style sheets with your colleagues. At the touch of a button, PerfectIt can help ensure that documents across your organization are consistent with brand guidelines.

Write Your Way

PerfectIt has an easy-to-use, intuitive interface. It does not require any templates, forms or markers. You write your documents as normal and click when you're ready to proofread.

Our Guarantee

  • No hassle 30-day money back guarantee.
  • Secure online payment processing.

Try it Now

Prices start from just $59 USD and discounts are available for bulk purchases. For a free 30-day trial, download now.

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