We provide two products that will improve your documents:

The online checker provides a free, instant and secure way to check for consistency mistakes in your text. It's accessible from any computer and can check Word, PDF and TXT documents.

PerfectIt locates and corrects consistency errors as well as many other mistakes that won't be found with a spelling or grammar checker. It works on PCs with MS Word to guide you through your text. PerfectIt includes many tests that cannot be found in the online checker. The full program is available free for 30 days, with prices from just $59 USD.

We also provide access to some of PerfectIt's checking as Google Docs add-ons and Consistency Checker. Consistency Checker provides an in-document list of hyphenation inconsistencies, numbers in sentences and inconsistent spelling. You can use it to find and correct potential errors. Abbreviation List finds undefined abbreviations and then generates a Table of Abbreviations with their definitions so that you can insert it into your text. If you're using Google Docs or Office 2013, Consistency Checker and Abbreviation List provide a free way to preview what PerfectIt can do.

Online Checker


Add-ons and apps