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PerfectIt Pro $99

  • Works in MS Word
  • Quickly displays locations of possible errors
  • Great for articles, books, contracts, reports and proposals
  • Can learn your preferences and enforce your house style
  • The fastest way to find consistency mistakes
  • Permanent license - never expires
  • Free trial
More Features

Checking for Legal Documents

Legal-specific checking is built into PerfectIt Pro. When you download the program, select "American Legal Style" from the list of available styles to turn on legal-specific checking. You only need to select it once, then it will remember your choice. For more information, see our legal editing subsite.


Add-ons and Apps

If you're using Google Docs or Office 2013, add-ons and apps are a good way to preview what PerfectIt can do. They're easy to install, and they'll help your document to make the best first impression. We offer two programs that provide access to some of PerfectIt's checking. They are Consistency Checker and Abbreviation List. Since there's no charge for using them, they're one of the most affordable ways to help keep your text free from errors.